Break the Stigma and Help Your Employees Take Action to Talk about Their Mental Health

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Prevention starts with early warning signs and quick action

Millions of people are affected by suicide each year - either personally or through a close friend or loved one. Many suicides can be prevented by taking action to get the person in crisis help through a number of support systems and suicide prevention resources. The first step is raising awareness around the early warning signs to prevent mental health conditions from becoming more severe.

Show your employees they are not alone and encourage them to reach out for help when needed. This video provides early warning signs and action steps that can prove vital for people living through crisis situations.  

Additional Monthly Healthy and Safety Awareness Resources

Based around national monthly health and safety awareness holidays, Indigo’s video resources can help you raise awareness and share simple health and safety tips for your employees.
Each video focuses on a different topic, so you can quickly plan out your annual communication calendar and download a new video for each month of the year. We’re regularly adding new content for each month, so check back often to download the latest videos.