With our engaging workplace safety posters, you are sending a message that practicing safe behaviors is a priority. The posters are print-ready so you can send them to your local printer. Or, display the posters and the templates directly on TV’s in your facilities.

To access your digital safety poster and PowerPoint files, just click the button below to download the files.


Share With A Friend

We believe workplace safety should be a priority at every business. To help reinforce safety habits with others, we encourage you to share these safety resources with your friends and business associates. At Indigo, we want to do our part to help keep everyone safe and healthy so they return home to the ones they love.

Additional Safety Resources From Indigo

At Indigo, safety has been top of mind for our employees and customers since 1994. While our delivery methods have evolved over the years, our commitment to helping employers and managers prioritize safety has held strong. We invite you to check out our additional safety resources to build the safest working environment possible for your employees.
COVID-19 Safety and
Wellness Templates

These digital signage templates are specially designed to encourage good health and safety habits in your workplace.

Build Your Annual Safety
Communication Plan

This blog post walks you through the steps for building an annual safety communication plan for your organization.