How It Works

The Digital Engagement System™ combines hardware and software to enable users to upload content and play across multiple displays with just a few clicks of a mouse. The system requires a display screen (TV) with 1080p resolution and an Indigo Vizual® sign player with proprietary software that runs the sign. System users access a web-based interface to upload content and manage signs.

Each system requires an electrical outlet and a dedicated network connection. The sign players require internet connection to reach out periodically for content that has been uploaded by a user (sign administrator) through a web-based content management interface. The sign uses very minimal bandwidth to display content. The sign player looks for new content periodically, downloads and caches the content on the player for playback. No streaming occurs and all content uploaded to be displayed on signs is hosted on Indigo servers.

Sign players are shipped pre-loaded with content so your signs begin displaying content once powered on. Whether you have a separate vendor network, open or closed network system, we will gladly work with your IT department to ensure everyone involved has a clear understanding of the steps required for deployment. If your network is a closed system requiring static IP addresses, we will acquire the necessary adapter settings and program the players prior to shipment so installation is seamless.

Sign administrators upload and manage content through a web-based content management system. Popular file formats supported: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf, jpg, png, tiff, and mp4. Once content is uploaded and scheduled, the user publishes the content to the sign. Content can be scheduled to display immediately or for future dates.

Infographic Sign Content Updates

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