Our History.
An Evolution of Engagement.

Where It Started

From humble beginnings to what is now the most accomplished workplace communication company in North America, Indigo’s journey has been as intentional as it is impressive.

In 1990, Safe Solutions President Jack Edgington, created the Scratch Safe® recognition program. Scratch Safe® is widely recognized as the first lottery scratch off award system for employee performance and revolutionized workplace incentives and recognition.

With the success of Scratch Safe®, it was soon recognized that while proper motivation could help to reduce incidents, sustainable results are achieved by creating awareness of the unsafe behaviors that place employees at risk. A new emphasis was placed on designing exceptional workplace content and program branding to capture employee attention. Combining engaging content with exciting recognition became a powerful formula for success.

After incorporating as Recognition Concepts in 1994, a focus was placed on growth through strategic acquisition. By vertically integrating design, production and distribution capabilities, our organization began to take the shape of Indigo Workplace we know today.

In addition to our custom content, we began to develop other communication tools to support client needs. The materials included corporate safety guides, safety committee programs, traditional written content testing and eventually our Safety SMARTS™ online Computer Based Training. With our growth in the digital arena, the next step in our evolution was the creation of our Indigo Vizual® Digital Engagement System. Through digital signage, we significantly increased the reach and the delivery time of our content. Since its introduction, Indigo Vizual® has experienced many enhancements, becoming what is now considered the most advanced digital signage solution in the industry.

Over the next several years, our expertise in communication expanded to include the areas of Health and Wellness, Loss Prevention, Data Security and Motivation. With this diversity in content development RCI Safe Solutions becomes Indigo Workplace Communication. The company’s new name reflects it’s continued growth in the digital signage market, while providing the most extensive topical library in the industry.

Today the reach of our materials spans 14 countries in 17 different languages. We have touched the lives of over 15,000,000 employees … getting them home safer and healthier, all while saving their employers nearly $500,000,000 in reduced claims and health related losses. We proudly continue our mission to make a significant impact in the lives of every workforce we touch, knowing that we still have so much to achieve.

How Can Indigo Engage My Workplace?

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