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Help Employees Embrace Proper Nutrition this March

Encouraging healthier, happier lifestyles can start at work.

By spreading awareness about the importance of maintaining a balanced, nutrient-dense diet during National Nutrition Month, you can encourage employees to eat better and feel better. By eating nutritionally balanced diets, we can all do right by our bodies and prioritize health and wellness at work and at home. Creating a supportive environment is a great first step towards helping employees embrace their own nutritional health. 

During the month of March, it’s important to recognize the different ways you and your employees can prioritize their own nutrition, including:
Remind your employees of the importance of prioritizing their own health and wellness in order to help foster a healthier, happier workplace and promote healthy lifestyles for all. You can download our free awareness video to spread the word via digital signage in your workplace today!

Additional Monthly Healthy and Safety Awareness Resources

Based around national monthly health and safety awareness holidays, Indigo’s video resources can help you raise awareness and share simple health and safety tips for your employees. 

Each video focuses on a different topic, so you can quickly plan out your annual communication calendar and download a new video for each month of the year. We’re regularly adding new content for each month, so check back often to download the latest videos.