Prevent Incidents Before They Happen By Promoting Safety Awareness Both Inside and Outside the Workplace

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Building a “Safety First” Culture Protects Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

Accidents and injuries sustained in the workplace cost U.S. businesses over $171 Billion each year. Add in other accidents that can affect your employees outside the workplace, and it’s clear that establishing a safety mindset is vital to protecting your employees both at work and at home. 

By sharing this video resource, you can offer actionable tips for staying safe at work, at home, and while traveling. These safety practices can help to protect your employees as they transition to and from work each day.

Additional Monthly Health and Safety Resources

Based around national monthly health and safety awareness holidays, Indigo’s video resources can help you raise awareness and share simple health and safety tips for your employees.  

Each video focuses on a different topic, so you can quickly plan out your annual communication calendar and download a new video for each month of the year. We’re regularly adding new content for each month, so check back often to download the latest videos.