Jack Edgington

President and Founder

Jack Edgington is the President and Founder of Indigo Workplace Communication, an international leader in workplace awareness, recognition and motivation. With 30 years of experience, Jack is recognized as a pioneer in the development of workplace awareness and recognition strategies for a broad range of industries. His achievements include multiple patents, copyrights, trademarked concepts and an extensive body of work exceeding 25,000 original concepts and designs. His efforts have touched the lives of over 17,000,000 employees globally in 17 languages.

In 1990, Jack was credited with creating the first scratch off recognition system for safety. Scratch Safe® quickly became a national success and changed the way that employees were recognized for safety performance from that time forward. Today, there has been an impressive 1,500,000 employees participate in the program.

His award winning approach impacts over 900,000 employees daily, saving employers an estimated $600,000,000 in reduced claims and health related losses.

Notable accomplishments include the creation of Scratch Safe®, AccuTrack™, Safety SMARTS™ and his most significant invention to date, the Indigo Vizual® Digital Engagement System.

His primary interest is spending time with his family and his sons Triston and Tanner. His personal interests are fitness and training, including all forms of cycling.