Healthy Habits Lead to Mental Fitness

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Mental and physical health go hand in hand.

Helping your employees prioritize their mental and physical help benefits everyone in the long run. Happy, healthy employees are better able to contribute to their work, maintain low-stress levels and high energy levels, and remain mindful during their transitions between work and home. Remind them of all that they can do to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing based on four main pillars: hydration, rest, exercise, and nutrition.  

Lead the way when it comes to the mental and physical fitness of your employees by promoting initiatives including: 
It’s important to show employees that you care about their well-being. Remind them of ways they can prioritize their mental and physical health is a great step towards cultivating a workplace full of healthy, happy employees. 

Additional Monthly Healthy and Safety Awareness Resources

Based around national monthly health and safety awareness holidays, Indigo’s video resources can help you raise awareness and share simple health and safety tips for your employees. 

Each video focuses on a different topic, so you can quickly plan out your annual communication calendar and download a new video for each month of the year. We’re regularly adding new content for each month, so check back often to download the latest videos.