Get to know Indigo

get to know indigo

This month’s spotlight is on Indigo’s Melissa Snow, our Manager of Program Development.  Since the day she joined our team in 2000, Melissa has made countless contributions to our team and to the clients that sing her praises on a daily basis. Melissa oversees the planning and execution of all IT projects, including our Safety SMARTS™ computer based testing, AccuTrack™ online recognition programs, and all IVR and web activity.

In addition to her client projects, Melissa also leads the team responsible for developing our signature product, Indigo Vizual®.  Since its inception, Melissa has ensured that Indigo Vizual® remains the most advanced digital signage solution in the industry.   Her technical savvy and ability to think “outside the box” consistently makes a significant impact in every project she is involved in.

With a remarkable gift for determining the best distribution channels for electronic data and communications, our clients often comment that Melissa knows their operations better than they do.  No matter how large or complex … she just seems to “get it.”

“I am constantly amazed at her ability to understand client needs far beyond the notes from a meeting,” says Indigo’s President Jack Edgington.  “always producing a result that exceeds all expectations, while raising the bar for our team.”

Dedicated, loyal and a tremendous asset … Melissa is a perfect example of what makes Indigo Workplace Communication such a special organization.

Each month our Get To Know Indigo web series spotlights a special team member and their contributions to our amazing organization.  If you have a suggestion or can offer feedback on experiences you have had with our team, please contact us at:  1-800-588-4525

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