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Generating new content ideas throughout the year can be challenging. To help save you hours of research, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of awareness days or months  that you can share with your employees through your digital signs.

We’ve also included a link to additional resources where you can find more information, relevant tips and statistics that will help bring awareness around these important safety and health initiatives.

Also, each month we will be sharing an awareness video that you can download and add to your digital signs

How to Use This List

To get the most out of this comprehensive resource list, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Review the list below and highlight the topics that are most relevant to your employees.
  2. Compare the list you’ve chosen to your current annual content campaign. (Don’t have one? Here’s how to build your annual plan.)
  3. Share between departments. If you are an EHS leader, you can also collaborate with HR to find topics that may coincide with your benefits package.  Sharing information with employees to benefit their health and safety at work or at home also increases employee engagement.
  4. Review the links below for each topic you added to your safety plan and gather your core messages. You’ll find social posts, statistics, links to other resources, ideas and more.
  5. Preload and schedule your content. Indigo’s scheduling tools can help you organize your content in advance so you can set it and forget it - scheduling your content months in advance.

Health and Safety Awareness Events by Month

* Additional resources available through Indigo’s Content Library













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