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Help Employees Get Home Safely This April

Distractions don’t belong at work, or on the road.

Sharing the importance of distraction-free driving is a great way to remind employees that their safety is important to you. According to statistics, nearly 700 people are injured daily due to distracted driving incidents on the road. You can do your part this April to encourage them to put the phone down and get where they are going as safely as possible.

During the month of April, you can spread the word across your workplace that distractions can wait by promoting safer driving practices for employees, including:
Don’t forget to remind employees that distracted driving doesn’t just affect the person distracted, it impacts everybody else on the road around them. While it might be tempting, there’s no room for distracted driving on the road. Keep employees safe by promoting distraction-free driving at your workplace! 

Additional Monthly Healthy and Safety Awareness Resources

Based around national monthly health and safety awareness holidays, Indigo’s video resources can help you raise awareness and share simple health and safety tips for your employees. 

Each video focuses on a different topic, so you can quickly plan out your annual communication calendar and download a new video for each month of the year. We’re regularly adding new content for each month, so check back often to download the latest videos.